The garden and its dependences

The park allows you to taste the tranquillity, to devote to the nap and to the reading in the shade of the big trees.

Far before the construction of our house (in 1928), existed on this place a sheepfold which can shelter 250 animals. Built in “Garluche” ( alios stone formed by ferrous aggregates, specific to this area) and covered with canal tiles molded on the thighs put on a remarkable wood frame, it still thrones in the middle of the park.

ToLeave by chance, we offer you bicycles, maps and suggestions to fill a little, a lot …or not at all, your days. The villages of Belhade, Richet, Saugnacq or Mano are attractive purposes of hikes. La Leyre and it’s slow descent in canoe at the rhythm and the length that will please you, are at 500 meters.